GOD Can Be Your Coach at Work!

Inviting the Divine into Your Workplace to Produce Success, Enjoyment and Fulfillment

Somewhere in human history many of us decided that the divine does not care about how we make a living. We told ourselves the divine was only concerned with “spiritual” matters and not concerned with “materialistic” things such as work.

Few of us fully live our highest spiritual values in our workplace. This is a common source of frustration, guilt, shame, and dissatisfaction for billions of us.

What if the divine actually wants us to experience life, love, joy, fulfillment, and abundance inside and outside our work? What if the divine cares about our work simply because the divine cares about us? If that’s the case, then when we want help succeeding in the working would, we simply need to ask for help.

There is no question we can ask, no problem we can face that the divine is unable or unwilling to help us with.

The decision to ask for help or not is up to us.

This book is an invitation to work WITH the divine to create divinely inspired results for you and the world.

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